Microamp 5G mmWave

Set up your industrial network with no effort in the matter of hours

Future-proof your network and bring the true industrial connectivity to your enterprise.

Microamp 5G mmWave

Microamp 5G mmWave is the next-generation Private Network, enabling the implementation of the most innovative use cases, tailored for your unique requirements.

Microamp 5G mmWave consists of 5G Core, CellBox mmWave radio units, selection of plug & play end-devices and use-case optimized applications.

With plug & play approach, Microamp’s network is deployed in a matter of hours and can be easily integrated with the existing network. Enterprises get the full coverage when and where it’s needed the most, and can easily modify the setup when necessary.

Microamp 5G mmWave supports cloud-based applications and can be fully autonomous (isolated from external networks) and is ready to be deployed in the sensitive areas.

Cutting-edge capabilities

Flexible and easy to manage

End-to-end holistic solution

Secure wireless communication

What's inside?

Microamp's network comes as out-of-the-box solution,
easy to set up and get running in no time.

Planning Software

Effortlessly design your solution

Spectrum Access

5G mmWave licencing support

CellBox mmWave Radio

Indoor/outdoor cellular wireless coverage

5G Mobile Core

Ensure optimal performance and reliability

Private SIM Cards

Secure and customizable connectivity

Management Software

AI-based system for configuration and automation

User Interface

Intuitive and user-friendly interface

User Equipment

End-devices depending on your needs

Download the Microamp
5G mmWave brochure.

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Architecture overview

CellBox Air
5G mmWave Access Point


A powerful wireless solution of the highest capabilities possible: 10 Gbps throughput and latency below 5 ms.

Plug & Play
and Compactness

Compact and durable enclosure with an integrated antenna and plug & play approach allowing rapid deployment.

and Interoperability

Seamlessly integrable with your existing network, CellBox Air can support every type of industrial wireless device.

Superior Range
and Power

CellBox Air has a high-power output allowing for a range of 300 meters in mobile setup and even more for Fixed Wireless Access.

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Get started with Microamp 5G mmWave


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sales rep

Tell us about your idea, network requirements, your current setup and end devices you would like to integrate.


Select your
Starter Kit

Depending on your requirements, we will help you to select the Starter Kit perfect for your needs, composed of CellBox units, software and (in most cases) the end-devices.


Get your set delivered to you

You will receive your Microamp 5G mmWave Starter Kit with the full instruction on how to install it. You can count on the help of a dedicated support assistance.


Enjoy superfast network

...and scale it. If you like our technology - it’s time for further development. We will propose solutions, create the roadmap and manage the process.

Test our solution stress-free and see what it is capable of.

Talk to one of our consultants and ask about possible solutions specific to your industry and business.

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