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Microamp Solutions brings next-generation industrial networks based on 5G mmWave technology. Discover the possibilities.

Building Private Networks with 5G mmWave

Microamp Solutions leverages the power of 5G mmWave technology, an advanced wireless communication standard that utilizes high-frequency millimeter wave bands. This cutting-edge technology significantly boosts bandwidth capacity and enables faster data transfer rates and almost zero latency.

It is the perfect solution for creating private, standalone industrial 5G networks offering a seamless communication experience that meets the most demanding Industry 4.0 needs. Whether it's 10K or Infrared (IR) autonomous monitoring, remote object manipulation, industrial AR/VR or other scenarios where low latency and high capacity are crucial - we've got you covered.

Join us in exploring the limitless possibilities of 5G mmWave technology and experience seamless communication solutions like never before.

speed and performance

Mighty capabilities of millimeter waves provide significant capacity and enable multi-gigabit data transfer rates.

near-zero latency

Latency <5 ms allows your industrial equipment to run smoothly, even when controlled remotely.

stable and realiable

Microamp 5G mmWave ensures stable, remote connections all the time which is crucial when uninterrupted data flow is needed.

Bringing 5G mmWave to your Enterprise

Discover the benefits that Microamp 5G mmWave technology can provide for your business and explore how it can improve your operations.

higher efficiency

Network cutting-edge parameters improve communication and launch applications to optimize costs and boost productivity.

increased flexibility

Plug & play approach gives the agility to adopt and scale the network swiftly supporting a wide range of industrial activities and preserving flexibility to customize.

enhanced work safety

Conducting remote inspections and enabling faster emergency response can help enhance workplace safety.

decreased costs

Optimized system cost, power efficiency and simplified deployment dramatically reduce the overall cost of 5G network deployments and the total cost of ownership (TCO).

better decision making

Real-time data streaming and processing enable quick response to changing conditions and events.

lower carbon footprint

Compact design of RU and appropriate mmWave utilization decrease energy consumption per unit of traffic minimizing the overall carbon footprint for connections.

How mmWave stacks against popular spectrum bands?

5G mmWave
Sub-6 5G
Speed and

10+ Gbps

1 Gbps

300 Mbps

1.3 Gbps

(per one Radio Unit)

300 m

4 km

8 km

10-40 m


< 5 ms

1-20 ms

10-50 ms

5-20 ms

Energy efficiency

very high



very low






Discover the full potential
of Microamp 5G mmWave.

Explore the possibilities

5G mmWave networks enable the deployment of a wide range of innovative and disruptive technologies.

Industrial AR/VR

5G mmWave enables the use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality on an industrial scale. This includes capabilities such as remote object controlling in non - accessible areas, real-time assistance conducted by engineers or consultants based in different locations, or conducting immersive pieces of training for the engineering staff.

Advanced Monitoring Systems

mmWave unlocks the possibility of 10K and 11K 360/VR cameras with the use of monitoring drones, industrial CCTV systems and autonomous vehicles. Automated drones (UAV) are especially propitious for securing large, outdoor areas, such as factories compounds, power grids, power lines, ongoing constructions, and on-air production.

Massive UHD live streaming and broadcasting

With immersive experiences like 360 degree videos, mobile AR, and full-on VR, along with 5G mmWave technology, live broadcasting could be revolutionized by providing ultra-HD content to thousands of devices, from smartphones to telecoms, with no delays or streaming issues.

Digital Twin

With 5G mmWave networks, real-time data processing and analysis can be carried out more efficiently due to their faster data transfer rates and lower latency. This means that Digital Twin simulations can be performed in real - time, allowing for more accurate monitoring and optimization of physical systems.

Industrial IoT automation and remote controlling

From powering autonomous production lines in smart factories to allowing remote controlling of even the most complex and data-heavy industrial devices, such as maintenance robots, port cranes, or transport vehicles. mmWave 5G network is the key component of building industries of the future.


mmWave 5G applications can assist with the impact of evolving transportation by providing solutions to traffic congestion, long commute times, and poor air quality. It can enable connected transport environments, including V2X communication, connected cars and public transport systems, and intelligent transportation systems.

Special Operations connectivity

The implementation of 5G mmWave technology for military communication can enable faster, more reliable, and more secure data transmission. This technology provides superior connectivity on and behind battle lines, improving communication, safety, and recon capabilities remote controlling, and HD live-stream surveillance.

Disaster management

High-capacity, low-latency networks can enable mission-critical communications and support various applications such as connected ambulances, unmanned ground and aerial vehicles, remote drone control, and augmented reality. Additionally, mmWave 5G can assist operators in addressing fluctuating network demands during emergencies.

Take your enterprise to the next level with 5G mmWave technology

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