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ground-breaking 5G mmWave technology

Microamp Solutions is building new generation wireless networks based on the ground-breaking 5G mmWave technology.

Microamp Solutions - a pioneer in development of 5G mmWave networks

Millimeter wave (mmWave) is the band of the radio spectrum between around 30 GHz and 300 GHz that can be used for high-speed, wireless network access.

Quickly getting traction, mmWave is the answer to the demand for many enhanced mobile data services as well as new wireless broadband use cases such as remote object manipulation, industrial automation, virtual and augmented reality and next-generation connectivity for vehicles.

With the inherently limited range, mmWave stands out as a perfect technological solution for building private, stand-alone industrial networks.

Benefits from our 5G mmWave networks:

custom-designed implementations

Adjust the network to the individual needs of your company and location and pave the way for the implementation of all the new industrial technologies.

mighty performance

With a data transmission speed of 20 Gbps and ultra-low latency of less than 1ms our networks support all tech solutions that require extreme reliability and high stability.

simple architecture

Get the full network coverage when and where you need it most and modify it in the future so it always best serves your current requirements.

extreme capacity

Our networks are capable of supporting bandwidths up to 2 GHz, which makes them perfect for transmitting enormous amounts of data.

high security

Build an impenetrable, stand-alone private wireless network and secure your assets from malware and industrial espionage.

quick deployment

Set up your network in a matter of hours with our plug & play Radio Units and enjoy the performance you have never seen before.

Bring the 5G mmWave technology to your enterprise and secure
its technological development for the years to come.

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How mmWave stacks against popular spectrum bands?

5G mmWave
Sub-6 5G
Speed and performance

20 Gbps

1 Gbps

300 Mbps

1.3 Gbps

(per one Radio Unit)

300 m

4 km

8 km

10-40 m


1 ms

1-20 ms

10-50 ms

5-20 ms

Energy efficiency

very high



very low






Used for:

private industrial networks,
bandwidth-hungry application
(VR, AR, 8K cameras, VR360, cloud gaming),
massive live UHD video streaming,
crowded area handling,
smart factories, smart cities,
Industrial IoT, autonomous vehicles

public mobile network,
internet services,
private mobile networks,
Industrial IoT,
smart factories, smart cities,
autonomous vehicles

public mobile network,
internet services,
private mobile networks,
Industrial IoT,
internet hotspots

wireless internet services, IoT, internet hotspots

Every 5G network we deploy is broadcasted with our powerful Radio Units.

The network we deploy is created by our custom-designed Integrated 5G mmWave O-RAN Radio Units. They offer direct (real-time), high data rate streaming and advanced onboard processing allowing for new functionalities like Augmented Reality (AR) powered by 5G edge computing technology.

Our solution is fully scalable and flexible due to Plug&Play Radio Units and cloud-based network software. We allow easy setup, modification and scaling up your network, from 1 or 2 sites up to hundreds of sites.

We support an OpenRAN 7.2x split fronthaul network implementation to easily upgrade your current network.

Every radio unit is covered with post-deployment service, customer support and a warranty.

High data rate & capacity

Plug & play setup

Edge computing onboard


Extended range

Hardware manufactured
in the EU

Technical specification


split option 7-2x

Deployment (indoor/outdoor, small/macro cell)

outdoor, macro cell

Frequency band

n257 (26.5 -29.5 GHz) (n258 as an option)

Modulation scheme

64 QAM

Duplex (TDD/FDD)


Power supply

-48VDC / 110-240VAC


IEEE 1588v2, SyncE

Enterprise-level technology delivered with care and an individual approach.

Bring mmWave standard to your enterprise and get ahead of technological race. Let us set up your 5G network infrastructure as well as design, develop and deploy use cases with the support of our vast network of technology partners.

higher efficiency

increased flexibility

lower carbon footprint

decreased costs

better decision making

enhanced work safety

What can become possible with 5G mmWave technology?

5G mmWave networks unlock the possibility of implementing broad spectrum of modern, disrupting technologies. Explore the possibilities:

Industrial AR/VR

mmWave enables the use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality on an industrial scale. This includes capabilities such as remote object controlling in non-accessible areas, real-time assistance conducted by engineers or consultants based in different locations, or conducting immersive pieces of training for the engineering staff.

Advanced monitoring systems

mmWave unlocks the possibility of 10K and 11K 360/VR cameras with the use of monitoring drones, industrial CCTV systems and autonomous vehicles. Automated drones (UAV) are especially propitious for securing large, outdoor areas, such as factories compounds, power grids, power lines, ongoing constructions, and on-air production (such as farming).

Massive UHD live streaming and broadcasting

Along with immersive experiences such as 360-degree video mobile AR or full-on VR, 5G mmWave could help to revolutionize live broadcasting by delivering ultra-HD content to thousands of devices (from smartphones to telecoms) with zero delays and streaming issues.

New generation healthcare

mmWave 5G provides ultra-fast broadband that enables virtual training of medical staff, remote participation of experts during difficult medical procedures, and remote diagnostic. In this way, mmWave 5G leads to improved healthcare, both in enabling new technologies and providing better access to medical services in remote areas.

Industrial IoT automation and remote controlling

From powering autonomous production lines in smart factories to allowing remote controlling of even the most complex and data-heavy industrial devices, such as maintenance robots, port cranes, or transport vehicles. mmWave 5G network is the key component of building industries of the future.


mmWave 5G applications can assist with the impact of evolving transportation by providing solutions to traffic congestion, long commute times, and poor air quality. It can enable connected transport environments, including V2X communication, connected cars and public transport systems, and intelligent transportation systems.

Powering smart cities

mmWave 5G can provide “wireless fibre” of connectivity, enabling benefits such as smart transportation, smart buildings, industrial automation, intelligent traffic, and street lighting systems, and improved healthcare for smart cities citizens.

Disaster management

High-capacity, low-latency networks can be used to deliver mission-critical communications and enable connected ambulances, unmanned ground and/or aerial vehicles, remote control of drones, and augmented reality applications. In addition, mmWave 5G will help operators address the fluctuating network demands characteristic of emergencies.

mmWave 5G networks are taking industries across the world by storm.

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