Powerful 5G networks
for industry-leading enterprises

Reshape your network with ground-breaking 5G mmWave technology.
Get your company ready for the challenges of the future and unlock the full potential of 5G.

High-performance 5G industrial networks

Microamp 5G mmWave is a next-generation private network tailored to boost productivity and allow the digital transformation of industrial environments. Powerful, agile and steadfast - as networks of the future should be.

Perfect for industrial networks

Fully suited for indoor and outdoor industrial use. From production halls, energy plants and mining facilities, to disaster connectivity and mass events.

Cutting-edge capabilities

Most powerful 5G mmWave radio units. Superior speed, near-zero latency and extended range locked in one, compact device.

Flexible, scalable and easy to setup

With plug & play approach, Microamp's networks are deployed in a matter of hours and adjusted to the individual needs.

Technological door to Industry 4.0

Unlock the full potential of Industry 4.0 solutions: from industrial AR/VR and remote controlling to autonomous vehicles and much more.

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The most powerful 5G mmWave radio units

Microamp Solutions is arming enterprises and network providers worldwide with flexible, scalable and mighty private networks based on the ground-breaking 5G mmWave technology. Easy to set up, scale and integrate.

  • Highest data rate & capacity

  • OpenRAN standard

  • Plug & Play approach

  • ATEX certificate

  • Hardware manufactured in the EU

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What's new?

Discover the most recent announcements and stories from Microamp's world.

8 Apr 2024

Microamp Solutions Unveils 5G mmWave Network Offer for Universities and Research Facilities

Microamp Solutions, a pioneering force in the 5G mmWave-based connectivity, proudly announces the launch of its latest offering tailored specifically for universities and research facilities.

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21 Feb 2024

Partnership Between Microamp Solutions and CONGIV Catalyzes 5G mmWave Technology Advancements

Microamp Solutions, a leader in the 5G mmWave connectivity, and CONGIV, a foremost system integrator and network provider in the DACH market, have forged an enduring strategic partnership.

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20 Feb 2024

Microamp Pioneering the Future of 5G mmWave Connectivity with AMD Zynq RFSoC at MWC Barcelona

Microamp will showcase its achievements in product development, spotlighting the capabilities of Microamp's 5G mmWave radios, powered by cutting-edge AMD Systems-on-Chips.

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