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Reshape your network with 5G mmWave technology.
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High-performance, near-zero latency 5G networks with the custom implementation path.

With rapidly digitalizing industries and new industrial IoT-based solutions available on the market, the need for super-reliable and ultrafast networks is greater than ever. Microamp Solutions is providing industry leaders worldwide with the setup and implementation of custom technological solutions.

Private 5G network

Get your industrial 5G mmWave network setup from scratch. We will design, develop and deploy your network, ensuring the highest efficiency and maximum cost-effectiveness. With our custom-made plug & play radio devices setup and maintenance are easier than ever.

Custom use cases
building & implementation

We go beyond sole network deployment and always take the individual, holistic approach. We plan, develop and implement custom solutions that are being enabled by the mmWave technology. We leverage our network of vetted technology partners to bring custom solutions our clients desire.

Network update and

Let us audit and analyze your current private network setup. We will search for improvements areas, propose optimizations and update your existing systems with the full power of mmWave technology to get them ready for the technical challenges of the future

Driving the 5G mmWave revolution and beyond.

Microamp Solutions is pioneering a new generation of 5G mmWave networks. Our custom solutions are based on a revolutionary mmWave technology and openRAN standard.

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5G industrial network setup with plug & play Radio Units

Our networks are distributed with the help of innovative plug & play radio units. It makes them extremely easy to set up, launch and modify in the future, at the cost and functional level that has been unapproachable before.

  • High data rate & capacity

  • Energy-efficient

  • Plug-and play setup

  • Extended range

  • OpenRAN standard

  • Edge computing onboard

  • Hardware manufactured in the EU

Why 5G mmWave technology?

The spectrum available at mmWave frequency bands (above 24 GHz) can deliver extreme capacity, ultra-high throughput and near-zero latency, opening new technological possibilities for businesses and significantly decreasing operating costs.

extreme capacity

Networks based on the mmWave bands are capable of supporting bandwidths up to 2 GHz. Note that bandwidth determines the maximum amount of data transmitted over a network in a given time. Higher bandwidth results in high-capacity networks.

high throughput

Compared to Sub-6 GHz with data transmission speeds of around 200 Mbps to 1 Gbps, as well as LTE Advanced that averages around 100 Mbps, 5G mmWave can provide a data transmission speed of 2 Gbps to more than 30 Gbps.

near-zero latency

Latency is fewer than 1 millisecond. Public 5G and LTE Advanced have a latency of 10 to 50 milliseconds. Remember that network latency corresponds to the time it takes for data to be transferred between its source and its destination.

energy efficient

5G technology is up to 90% more efficient than 4G in terms of consumption per unit of traffic. mmWave signals with high energy-efficient electronics can significantly decrease energy consumption and carbon emissions, reducing your carbon footprint dramatically.

hotspot infrastructure

5G mmWave infrastructure is the perfect solution for deploying private networks where performance, range and security requirements exceed the capabilities of existing Wi-Fi networks. Its range and coverage can be modified to fit your needs.


mmWave benefits from the economy of scale and unlocks new areas of cost reduction. With the increasing scale, you can decrease deployment costs and increase the number of affordable devices available, facilitating greater overall adoption.

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Driving the 5G mmWave revolution and beyond.


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