25 Jul 2022

Microamp Solutions Joins the Small Cell Forum

Microamp Solutions is proud to announce its access to Small Cell Forum, a worldwide organization that pushes forward the acceleration of small cell adoption, in order to change the shape of mobile networks and maximize the potential of mobile services.

On the 26 July 2022, Microamp Solutions officially become a member of the Small Cell Forum, joining global communication leaders in the common effort to bring a new generation of industrial networks closer to businesses worldwide.

Small Cell Forum's goal is to establish ‘industry standard’ offerings that address the operational and commercial requirements of enterprise and industry, supporting the development of agile, low-cost mobile infrastructure that meets the needs of all deployers including MNOs, neutral hosts, private network operators, and systems integrators.

We are really delighted that Microamp has joined SCF at a very busy and exciting time for the Forum. We look forward to the Microamp team getting involved in our various work item areas, especially around Open RAN solutions, and bringing their expertise to our programme. SCF has an active work plan covering many key industry areas, including FAPI/nFAPI specifications & Transport solutions for Open RAN, neutral host requirements, private network blueprints, and emerging areas such as CV2X & 6G, so there is a lot to get involved in as well as participate in our calendar of global events and meetings.

says Prabhakar Chitrapu PhD, SCF Chair

Within the organization, Microamp Solutions will focus on promoting and developing 5G mmWave-based industrial networks, with a special focus on the oil & gas and energy industry.

mmWave technology and openRAN are the future of industrial connectivity. We are excited to see these technology standards being recognized by industry-leading organizations, such as SCF. For Microamp, it is yet another proof that mmWave-based solutions can and will greatly impact the way companies are building their networks. We are dedicated to bringing out technological expertise to the table, pushing forward the new standards of building efficient, low-cost networks for industries worldwide.”

says Dawid Kuchta PhD, CEO of Microamp Solutions.

About Microamp Solutions

Microamp Solutions is an EU-based deep tech company enabling digitization of the most sophisticated processes by providing customers with the most innovative 5G mmWave Private Network deployments. Microamp’s networks are distributed with the help of custom-designed plug&play mmWave Radio Units to empower many bandwidth-hungry use-cases based on VR/AR and monitoring drones with 11K 360 camera systems.

About Small Cell Forum

Small Cell Forum is a global membership organization committed to supporting agile, low-cost mobile infrastructure through small cells. The SCF’s mission is to make mobile cellular connectivity an accessible resource for organizations of all sizes and to support the digital transformation of industry, enterprise, and communities.

The organization is working on projects spanning split architectures, Edge computing, private networks, neutral host requirements, 5G small cell products, and policy and regulation.

Small Cell Forum has more than 140 members, including 68 operators representing more than 3 billion mobile subscribers – 46 percent of the global total – as well as telecom hardware and software vendors, content providers, and innovative start-ups.

Driving the 5G mmWave revolution and beyond.


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