8 Apr 2024

Microamp Solutions Unveils 5G mmWave Network Offer for Universities and Research Facilities

Microamp Solutions, a pioneering force in the 5G mmWave-based connectivity, proudly announces the launch of its latest offering tailored specifically for universities and research facilities. This cutting-edge initiative aims to empower academic institutions with the tools to lead in technological innovation, providing students and researchers with unparalleled access to the future of connectivity.

Microamp Solutions’ university offer stands at the forefront of academic progress, offering real, 5G mmWave Standalone networks. This initiative is not just about enhancing campus connectivity—it’s a leap toward reshaping the educational landscape, enabling the development of bandwidth-intensive and innovative use cases for research and learning.

To download the offer, click here.

Empowering Academic Excellence

This innovative offer promises to enhance the academic reputation of participating institutions by integrating state-of-the-art technologies into their curriculum, fostering opportunities for collaboration with industry leaders, and equipping graduates with highly sought-after skills in the job market. Additionally, it positions universities as frontrunners in testing and developing use cases for the next wave of technological advancements, including 5G and 6G technologies.

Kickstarting Innovation With The University of Duisburg

A prime example of the transformative potential of this offer is the inaugural project undertaken at the University of Duisburg-Essen. In collaboration with CONGIV and Accelleran as well as leveraging Druid Core technology, Microamp Solutions has successfully deployed a 5G hybrid network encompassing both FR-1 and FR-2 technologies at the Logicall industrial site. This landmark project not only signifies a major step forward in 5G mmWave deployments but also highlights Microamp Solutions' commitment to delivering advanced connectivity solutions for academia.

A Future of Limitless Possibilities

Microamp Solutions is dedicated to driving the connectivity revolution, bringing the future of wireless technology to today's academic institutions. By providing universities and research facilities with access to cutting-edge 5G mmWave networks, Microamp Solutions is not just offering a product but is partnering in the global effort to push the boundaries of technological development and innovation. For more information on this pioneering offer and to explore how your institution can benefit from Microamp Solutions' expertise, download the full offer.

About Microamp Solutions

Microamp Solutions is a leading tech innovator designing and delivering super-fast and ultra-low latency 5G mmWave networks based on purpose-built radios.

The company merges deep-tech know-how and a broad portfolio of technology partners, empowering industries, system integrators, MNOs, DSPs, governments, and research institutions with new dimensions of wireless connectivity.

Microamp's cutting-edge networks enable the implementation of the most bandwidth-hungry use cases, such as live 8K/IR video streaming and analytics, industrial VR/AR, remote controlling, fixed wireless access, or metaverse applications.

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