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The 5G mmWave market size is expected to reach $5 billion by 2027. Join the race by our side.

Leverage the potential of the booming 5G mmWave networks industry.

As a deep-tech startup we are on the lookout for funding partners who will share our vision, understand our mission and support us in pushing forward the 5G mmWave revolution.

The development of 5G/6G technology is widely regarded as a significant investment opportunity, with its potential to transform industries worldwide. As the technology continues to evolve, its future role in various sectors is highly anticipated, making it an attractive option for investors seeking long-term growth prospects.

We believe that our expertise and passion for the industry, combined with the right investment, will position us as a major player in the 5G mmWave market. We are part of that revolution and we invite you to get on board as well.


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Why invest in 5G technology?

Total Addressable Market

The global private 5G network market size is forecast to reach $36B by 2030 at a CAGR of 47.5% (2022-2030) according to “Private 5G Network Market Size Report, 2022-2030” by Grand View Research. The size of the global open RAN market is anticipated to increase up to $16B by 2027 at a CAGR of 70.5%. 5G mmWave is projected as one of the most lucrative segments acc. ‘Small Cell 5G Network Market’ by Allied Market Research.

Predicted CAGR

The 5G is the fastest-growing segment in the wireless network infrastructure market. 5G Private Networks revenue will grow at a CAGR of 60% between 2021-2030, according to the “Monetizing 5G Edge Networks” report by ABI Research. The global market for 5G Remote Radio Heads is forecast to grow at CAGR 61.4% up to 2026 according to “5G Remote Radio Head (RRH) Market– Forecast (2023-2028)” by IndustryARC.

Present and future market segments

The rapid adoption of 5G-enabled systems and technologies among enterprises will deliver new sets of services to help organizations optimize costs and increase productivity opening new possibilities for business and fledgling technologies that provide an exceptional experience for users. All of this creates huge opportunities for new market segments in the near future i.e., VR & AR, Metaverse, remote surgery, remote controlling, joint communication & sensing, Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) & Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) connectivity. Future market segments will be also covered from several viewpoints in terms of climate neutrality objectives.

Why invest in Microamp?

Here you’ll find everything you might be interested in if you like to be invested in vibrant, private 5G mmWave networks and become of the Microamp investor community.


Superior Product

The network implementation is possible thanks to the devices of our design: CellBox 5G mmWave radios. Plug & play principle makes them extremely easy to set up, scale and launch the private network providing an exceptional experience for users.

We have already built our manufacturing capabilities in European Union and we are ready for large-scale production.


End-to-end Solution

Microamp 5G mmWave networks are holistic solutions created with the "one-stop-shop" philosophy.

From network analysis and creating implementation roadmaps to building tailor-made individual use cases. We not only provide the physical product, but also advice on the network development and accommodate our partners with post-sale care.



Our product has garnered significant attention from system integrators, tower companies, ISP providers, and numerous cloud-native 5G network software suppliers.

We've already established partnerships and close relations with numerous industrial partners and global market leaders to create an effective ecosystem and expand the reach of our product worldwide.


Team of Experts

Additionally, we bring a trusted network of partners to the table to support us in delivering comprehensive solutions that ensure our customers' success.

Our team is composed of highly-skilled electronics and telecommunications experts with extensive industry experience. With our specialized knowledge and expertise, we provide tailored solutions that are customized to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Be at the forefront of the 5G mmWave revolution.

Looking for the next big thing? Join us on our journey to revolutionize the industry with our cutting-edge technology.

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