9 May 2022

Microamp’s 5G mmWave Radio Unit Tests in OTIC Lab

5G mmWave technology reveals a huge potential to disrupt the industries with ground-breaking 5G deployments solving many 5G technical and economic challenges.

The first O-RAN-based 5G mmWave Radio Units provided by Microamp Solutions have been tested with full Keysight support in OTIC (Open Test and Integration Center) Lab in Turin, hosted by TIM.

It's a first step in the synergy with the entire Open RAN ecosystem (equipment providers, start-ups, system integrators, etc.) to test new solutions and accelerate the deployment of this technology for the new European mobile network architecture based on 5G mmWave, Cloud and Edge Computing.

We are proud to have our innovative solution battle-tested in one of the world’s most advanced O-RAN-dedicated environments!

About TIM

TIM is one of the first operators worldwide and the only one in Italy to launch an OTIC (Open Test and Integration Center) Lab. The TIM European OTIC Lab offers a collaborative, open, impartial, and qualified working environment and physical space to support the wide adoption of O-RAN specifications.

About Microamp

Microamp Solutions is an EU-based deep tech company enabling bandwidth-hungry use-cases based on VR/AR, monitoring drones with 10K 360 cameras, etc., by providing the customers with easy-to-deploy, scalable, and flexible new generation wireless networks based on the ground-breaking 5G mmWave technology.

Driving the 5G mmWave revolution and beyond.


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